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RAWD, or (Rodolphe Dumas) is a 22 year old DJ and Producer from France. He currently lives in Toronto, Canada, producing house music.

RAWD describes himself as a

Music Making Individual


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Like all song of the week posts, We feature underground artists, producers and DJs who have extreme talent, original music  and deserve more recognition.

Meet, RAWD.

RAWD & Michael St Laurent – Illuminate

Illuminate starts out with a nice bright melodic lead synth that transforms into a warm ambience break. Dropping into a nice happy house piano and thick uplifting trancey synth sound that takes our mind on a journey of excitement and happiness just making you want to party with your friends. This is a great progressive house track, and we think you will like it as much as we do, Enjoy! Oh yeah, you can also download this song for free by clicking in the top right corner inside the soundcloud box on the arrow button.

This track has been waiting forever to be released ! after trying 3 different singers that ended screwing us over we are deciding to release it as an instrumental for free !
all the best , hope you enjoy the track ,

PARIS BLOHM : ” Love These Vibes ”



Which is funny because, We think its great without vocals.

RAWD has so many great songs, we couldn’t just blog about one. So here is one more great tune by RAWD.

RAWD – The Distance

The Distance is a blissful house track that begins with a 4/4 kick drum we all love. RAWD then introduces a warm smooth melodic synth and melody that crashes us into a beautiful piano breakdown that takes our mind on a journey of joy and good vibes. Oh yeah, you can also download this song for free on RAWD’s soundcloud.


just listened to my soft side on this one hope you enjoy it =D



This isnt all the music RAWD has, Check out his other originals and music below:



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