Splice: DNA Player Visualizes EDM Songs



Splice is a new cloud website where musicians can share and collaborate on new EDM songs. The Splice cloud platform allows for music creation, production, collaboration, and sharing.

The Splice beta test email reads:

Welcome to Public Beta; introducing our DNA Player!

Since announcing private beta 10 months ago, we’ve engineered a platform that connects musicians and their tools to the cloud, modernizing the way music is created and introducing new ways to share it. It’s still a long road ahead in connecting this fragmented world, but through the support of our growing community and new investors, we believe this is the future of music. With some of the world’s most established and diverse artists creating with Splice everyday, we’re ready to open our doors and welcome you to public beta!

Along with public beta, we are excited to introduce the Splice DNA Player. Our DNA Player visualizes a song by understanding the musical DNA, including the arrangement, plugins, samples and notes from the creator. It provides an immersive listening experience for artists and fans, allowing them to preview and learn from the session before opening it on their computers.



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