The DJ and Producer Catch 22

The DJ and Producer Catch 22 The original article is from author Philip Sherburne at Spin news. If you are a DJ, does that mean you are a producer? If you are a producer, does that mean you are a DJ? The short answer is, no. They are really two separate things, Phillip will explain. […]

Mat Zo Talks About Ghost Mixing

Mat Zo admitted on his Twitter recently that he has had other producers and DJs mix his electronic dance music radio shows. Ive had a few of my radio shows ghost mixed, and I feel disconnected and lost. How do people with ghost producers not kill themselves? — Boredom made me say: (@Mat_Zo_MRSA) October 13, […]

Real Music is Coming Back to EDM

Notice the rise of Deep House and Minimal all of a sudden? The high pitch is dying, The new trending music is now deep house at the moment. With the rise of deep house and minimal now blowing up all of a sudden it almost seems its becoming the new mainstream EDM music. Well.. Thats because, It […]