The DJ and Producer Catch 22

The DJ and Producer Catch 22 The original article is from author Philip Sherburne at Spin news. If you are a DJ, does that mean you are a producer? If you are a producer, does that mean you are a DJ? The short answer is, no. They are really two separate things, Phillip will explain. […]

Mat Zo Talks About Ghost Mixing

Mat Zo admitted on his Twitter recently that he has had other producers and DJs mix his electronic dance music radio shows. Ive had a few of my radio shows ghost mixed, and I feel disconnected and lost. How do people with ghost producers not kill themselves? — Boredom made me say: (@Mat_Zo_MRSA) October 13, […]

Real Music is Coming Back to EDM

Notice the rise of Deep House and Minimal all of a sudden? The high pitch is dying, The new trending music is now deep house at the moment. With the rise of deep house and minimal now blowing up all of a sudden it almost seems its becoming the new mainstream EDM music. Well.. Thats because, It […]

New DAW: Bitwig Studio

There are many different DAW’s available today, But today we are going to look at Bitwig. Bitwig has been in the making for years now. Bitwig is one of the latest DAW’s (Digital Audio Workstation) around. We have watched it grow from an empty “Coming Soon’ Website page to a full blown website and product […]