Thank You, From EDM Ranks


It has now been 1 year since EDM Ranks has been standing tall and proud, promoting underground EDM artists, Producers and DJs, Searching only for the best of the best underground music.

We want to take a minute to stop and thank all our readers and users who have watched us grow from a tiny EDM news website with no Top 100 DJs, into a vast EDM network of fans, DJs, Artists and electronic dance music.

Thank You

Thank you to all of our readers in the past year who have helped EDM Ranks grow into the best EDM network and music sharing platform where friends, producers and DJs can share any music, videos, pictures and other status updates on their wall and in groups. Fans can also share any music videos, pictures or status updates right back with the community on their own wall just like facebook and twitter.

We also wanted to write this to inform everyone of the future for EDM Ranks.

The Future for EDM Ranks

The future looks very bright for EDM Ranks, With our brand new EDM Ranks Andorid and iPhone App coming soon it will only take EDM to the next level with features like simply direct messaging your friends in a text message style the latest trending EDM songs and music videos, Along with much more features.

Yes, thats right. We are going to bring this amazing electronic music sharing network right to your fingertips in a very simple app, That will still allow you to access all the features you do on our website now, The app will be similar to the Facebook app and Twitter app, But our app will be much more simpler, and all about exploring new EDM and DJs.

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