The First Electronic Song, Ever, Apparently

The First House Song, Ever, Apparently


From guessing the worlds best DJs and EDM artists, to the best EDM songs, or clubs and record labels, everyone at some point will also ask their self when was the first electronic music song made?

So, Who created The first electronic music/house song?

The answer is not so simple, Some will argue that in 1975 Pink Floydโ€™s โ€“ โ€˜Welcome to the Machineโ€™ was one of the first electronic music songs created, as Pink Floyd was one of the first artists/bands to display electronic music influences into their music.

But it seems there was another electronic song before Pink Floyd’s ‘Welcome to the Machine’, So what was the first electronic music song ever made?

Insomniac’s Nocturnal Wonderlandโ€™s 20th anniversary documentary seems to have the answer from Moby on the first electronic music ever made, and it was a house song.

The video is about โ€œchronicling not only the birth of Nocturnal Wonderland, but the growth of house music itself.โ€ In the documentary video Moby says:

The funny thing with dance music especially electronic dance music is that there is one person who invented it.โ€ Back in 1968, Mobyโ€™s friend Simon created the group Silver Apples and released the track โ€œOscillations.โ€ โ€œHe [Simon] invented dance music,โ€ said Moby. โ€œIt has a 4/4 kick and synths that he built himselfโ€ฆ and itโ€™s house music.



Obviously today electronic music has become more mainstream, pondering the question for many.. when will EDM die?

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