The Great Wall of China Hosts Underground Dance Music Festival


Who would have thought that the Great Wall of China would someday become home to an underground EDM festival?

The Great Wall of China was built around 700 BC to help keep out invaders, and also act as a transportation corridor to support the transfer of goods along the silk road, and is now today a major tourist location. You can also add an underground EDM festival to the list.

Located inย Huang Ya Guan, about 2 hours outside of Beijing,ย the underground music festival in China YinYang Music Festivalย takes place onย The Great Wall of China, Hosting an exclusive underground electronic dance music festival right on the Great Wall of China itself. The underground EDM event is from June 20-22, hosting over 50 of the best local DJs, producers and EDM artists in Chinaโ€™s underground electronic dance scene, and also famous international acts.

Festival fans get a round trip ground transportation, cheap housing and 3-day festival experience forย only 300RMB (about $50). Only 2,000 tickets will be sold in order for police to be able to properly preserve the international historical location.

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