The Problem With Mainstream EDM Festivals


John Digweed, AC Slater and Paul Van Dyk discuss the problem with mainstream EDM Festivals with MTV News.

As a first-time EDM reveler, I thought I would know few of the songs played at Ultra. But as I walked around, I found myself mouthing the words to songs like Zeddโ€™s โ€œClarity,โ€ Nicki Minajโ€™s โ€œFeelinโ€™ Myselfโ€ and, of course DJ Snake and Lil Jonโ€™s โ€œTurn Down For Whatโ€ โ€” songs I would hear on the radio. And I wasnโ€™t alone: I saw people singing along as they bounced up and down and shuffled around. But fans positively lost their minds when any hugely popular song came on during DJ sets.

This is an issue, according to some DJs, like 2001โ€™s World #1 DJ, John Digweed, who told MTV News that main-stage talent should be spinning lesser-known records to broaden the musical scope of their listeners.

โ€œIf youโ€™re the biggest DJ in the world, youโ€™re in a position where you can play stuff that people donโ€™t know and blow peopleโ€™s minds, but if you just chose to play stuff they know just to get a reaction, thatโ€™s just being lazy,โ€ Digweed said, directing his comment toward main-stage artists. โ€œThereโ€™s no challenge there.โ€

Digweed admitted that when he took the Carl Cox stage on Saturday, he played records he had only downloaded that afternoon, saying that policy is what earned him the top DJ title in the past. But itโ€™s not like that anymore.

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