Top 3 Brands Spending Millions on ‘EDM’


When the Electronic Dance Music (EDM) trend hit America, the music and its festivals exploded into a large boom as business leaders and corporations in America wanted a piece of the multibillion dollar EDM industry.

Thanks to millions of dollars from corporations advertising each year, EDM has been integrated with pop and mainstream, making EDM a big part of the American culture now to what hip-hop was in the 1990’s. But which brands take most of the responsibility as being the industryโ€™s biggest backers? Check out the chart below.

big edm brands

As you can see, Anheuser Busch is in 1st place with $35 million in spending on EDM.

7up is in 2nd place with $20 Million, and T-Mobile is in 3rd place with $10 Million.

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Source: Billboard

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