#1 Worst EDM Song for 2014

party all the time #1 worst electronic song of the year


I have seen a lot of terrible EDM songs and EDM music videos, but this by far tops the chart for 2014.

Not really sure if i just watched a rap song, A porn, or an EDM song. But I do know I’m on the safe side when I call this song The #1 Worst EDM Song Ever for 2014.

not sure if rap or dance music

Not sure if Rap, Or Dance Music

:15 Seconds in

The intro of the song is actually decent,

I thought we were about to hear a nice house song until..

It Gets Worse

:38 seconds in you begin to hear Flo Rida type vocals,

Saying the same unoriginal lyrics about popping bottles, cute face and slim waist’s.

Wait for it.. Wait for it, ..The Worst Drop Ever

At 1:30 a high pitch drop begins to play, its truly sad.

At this point I’m not sure whats worse,

the song,

or the music video.

A Few seconds later I had to click pause.

It was at this point my ears could take no more.

We have heard the worst EDM songs in our time, But those songs didn’t attempt to produce a full scale professional music video, and fail greatly.

If you don agree, feel free to send us in your worst EDM music video or song here.

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