Zyon Black – Rova Ngoma

drew chadhall Zyon Black - Rova Ngoma


Drew Chadhall has teamed up with producer, song writer and vocalist Zyon Black on their first single from Botswanaโ€™s first ever electro and dubstep music compilation:

โ€˜The Abnormal Xperience Season 1โ€™

This dubstep/electroย song is something definitely worth hearing;ย The single released and premiered across radio stations in Africa beginning November 28th, and the compilation is scheduled to be released March, 2015

Drew Chadhall is music consultant and DJ onย the KrazyNormaL Weekends, which airs Saturday and Sundays on the premium youth radio station, Yarona fm.

He saw a gap in the electro industry in Botswana and Africa and bravely took the risk and step in bringing a BW produced album to Botswana โ€˜Rova Ngomaโ€™ (beat the drumโ€™) is the first leading single off the compilation and features addictive vocals by Zimbabwean born Zyon Black himself.