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EDM Ranks is the world’s first social network for DJs and Producers to share their music and get maximum exposure for more Plays, Fans & Followers, without buying them. Not to mention the record labels that check our Top 100 DJs scouting for their next artist to sign.

Every user on our website has the chance to rank up in the Top 100 DJ ranks; You just need enough follows. After you sign up, you will have a profile like myne. Except your profile will look more like a DJ/Producer.

Then, advertise and post your profile link on other social network sites to get your fans to follow you on EDM Ranks.

Get more Plays, Fans & Followers

Share your music here in the main EDM Stream. When users see it and listen they have a chance to check your profile out and listen to your music. Or Share your music here in the EDM Group section. The group page has a wide selection of genres, EDM festivals and other groups to connect with people who have the same interests as you.

Serious DJs and producers can also upgrade to PRO to get more features and benefits.

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