Frequently Asked Questions:

How Do I Vote On The EDM Charts?

 We have two electronic dance music Charts.

Our first EDM Chart is the Top 100 EDM Artists and DJs:
Follow your favorite Artists and DJs to rank them higher into the DJ charts.

Our second EDM Chart is the Top 100 EDM Songs:
Like or Comment on the song to rank it up in the Top 100 song charts.


How Do I Upload Songs, Videos/Pictures?

1. Please Login to on your computer

2. Choose a Group. and select your .mp3

3.Write your message and click post!



What Are Credits?

  • Artists & DJs You will need (5) Credits in your free account to make a Status Update (1 per 24 hours)
  • Credits can be earned for free by participating on the edm social network or purchased.
  • Your credit balance is displayed at the top of your profile page, next to your picture.

Share Your Youtube, Soundcloud and Mixcloud Links!

Upload A Song, or Share Content From Youtube, Soundcloud & More..