Frequently Asked Questions:

How Do I Vote?


Fans and Artists/ DJs you will need to first make a  profile.


DJ/PRODUCER Charts: Top 100 EDM Artists and DJs:
Follow your favorite Artists and DJs to rank them higher into this chart.
(Artists promote your EDM RANKS profile to get ranked higher in this chart)


SONG Charts: Top 100 EDM Songs:
Promote your song and get ranked in the Top 100 song charts.
(Artists promote your song and get more likes/votes to get ranked higher in this chart)


  • Artists can upload their work in progress, unsigned song, or signed songs (with the record labels permission) to edm ranks via the red upload button.
  • Fans can listen to the songs, and if they LIKE your song it will rank up higher into the song charts. The more likes and support your song gets, the higher it rises into the edm song charts. One song vote(Like) will increase the rank of the song. If this keeps happening, your song can go to #1.
  • If you follow an artist on edm ranks, that is one vote for that artist on the Top 100 DJ/Artist Charts.


Every year on December 7th the winner is chosen from your votes!



How Do I Upload Songs, Videos, Or Pictures?





1. Login to on your computer

2. Choose a Group. and select your .mp3

3.Write your message and click post!


What Are Credits?


  • Artists & DJs You will need (5) Credits in your account to make a Status Update (1 per 24 hours)
  • Credits can be earned by participating on the edm ranks network, by reading EDM news, or commenting on other songs, or purchased.


Share Your Youtube, Soundcloud and Mixcloud Links!


Upload A Song, or Share Content From Youtube, Soundcloud & More..



EDM Producers, Artists and DJs

EDM Producers and artists upload your own song and promote it, or listen to others songs and vote for the best.

Artists for the first time ever you can truly connect with your fans. EDM Ranks is the only edm network where fans and artists connect. DJs share your soundcloud mixes. Producers upload your original edm songs and tracks. Then promote your song and EDM ranks song url and check the edm song charts to see if your song is trending!

EDM Genres and Groups

We support all electronic dance music genres, see below some groups you can join to find new songs, new artists, and new friends.

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