“What do Tchami, DJ Snake and Lady Gaga have in common?” -TheFPIA



Below is a interesting story our friends at TheFPIA wrote, On the history of Tchami… Or, the little bit of information that is known about him.

In actual fact the first two are listed on Gaga’s Artpop album in 2013 along with Zedd.

Tchami aka Martin Bresso is listed as a co-producer for Applause, songwriter for “Do What You Want” and “Sexxx Dreams”. Snake and Zedd are listed under their own names with Zedd being an executive producer.

The real eye-popper is that Martin Bresso is listed and credited with DJ Snake’s Turn Down For What which became a huge tune for the French EDM artist. The shock is knowing just how much Tchami had to do with this goes a long way to his authenticity in the electronic music game.

Tchami (seen above) seems as elusive as Daft Punk with his refusal to do face to face interviews, preferring to use email to answer any and all blogs and media articles; just why he wears the clerical religious garb is another mystique of the man who since 2013 has begun to blow up on EDM festivals across the globe. He has made a huge impact in a short time with his ‘future’ house although he has on several occasions insisted he is not ‘a dogmatic musical missionary’

He told an Australian blog ‘I just want to stay true to myself, keep the music evolving and keep it being relevant’

The Paris resident acquired Tchami from a trip to Africa and apart from his foray into pop with Lady Gaga, says Tchami is a first project outside his original name. Beyond that Bresso’s origin remain very murky. He says he began DJ’ing on vinyl, but refuses to say when. His soundcloud has a tribute to Chicago legend Marshall Jefferson’s mid 80’s classic “Move your Body” and has also stated he feels it’s important fans (and other DJ’s) know the history of the music. In the next breath though he has told blogs ‘don’t misunderstand me, I’m all about breaking the rules’

If you look at his association with Gaga you will discover his renown was known before 2013 with Paul (DJ WhiteShadow) Blair; also a producer on Artpop, telling the public that he heard the beat on a Bresso remix back in 2011 and liked it so much that it became part of “Do What U Want’ on Artpop.

Bresso touted his sound as ‘future’ house but is at pains to say it’s not a genre, it’s about blending house with something that doesn’t exist in this genre yet. When asked to explain why he dressed as a minister in his upload of a mix titled ‘Confessions’ he admitted

‘It’s just the way I am and I wanted to show a spiritual side plus I like the outfit’

So where does Bresso sit pre 2013 and pre Art Pop? Like Daft Punk, he is keeping the mystique real, but like all things, eventually it comes to light. Pretty sure Tchami, listed as a sound engineer, composer and producer, will pop up in many places as Martin Bresso other than the EDM community if the link and the list below is anything to go by. He’s a man of many talents.




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