Ben Hobbs – Blind to You (Catherine Duc Stargazing Remix)

London based electronic dance music producer Ben Hobb’s has many great pop songs. Most recently his song ‘Blind to you’ has been remixed by Catherine Duc. Catherine Duc is a composer/remixer from Melbourne, Australia. and “came across his music on Spotify on the ‘Discover Weekly’ playlists where they recommend music based on previous artists you’ve […]

Ugandan DJ killed for playing ‘boring music’

In Uganda a part-time disc jockey (DJ), in one of the disco halls in Akworo Sub-county in Nebbi District has been killed. The mob that killed Jerry Okirwoth on Wednesday, accused him of failing to play their favorite music. Mr William Bob Labeja, the Nebbi Resident District Commissioner, blamed the management of the disco hall […]

Fyre Festival: The Scam Of The Century

Two years after Fyre Festival and the viral fake news EDM festival still has the internet going upside down. In the past week, two documentaries about the ill-fated Fyre Festival were released. Hulu released FYRE FRAUD days before Netflix’s FYRE. Both documentaries chronicled the creation and downfall of Fyre, and specifically, the actions of co-founders […]

Kings Of Dance Music

As thrilling as the name sounds, Electronic Dance Music (EDM) takes the audience by a storm every time the beat drops! Among throngs of party animals, swaying ecstatically to the music and party lights flickering and dancing with the rhythm, the only thing keeping the spirit alive is the music! Without the creativity of the artist, […]

2018 Top 100 DJs Polls Are In!

2018 Top 100 DJs Results are In! After 11.5 long months of voting in 2018 EDM Ranks has calculated the Top DJs for 2018, according to our unanimous member voting. The #1 DJ/Producer for 2018 is Subaholics. Click the link above to view the Top 100 DJs of 2018. Top 100 EDM Songs Want to […]