‘Perpetual Culture’ EDM Mix #018

Trailing Zero is celebrating his 3rd year as a DJ with residency at ATIK, a U.K. club in Gloucester. We last featured Trialing Zero in his older DJ sets. This newer sexy electronic dance music mix is Episode #18 for Perpetual Culture and also celebrates Trailing Zero’s 3rd year anniversary DJing, Packed full with many of […]

Best EDM Documentaries & Videos

In the past years there have been many EDM documentaries and videos, but what are the best EDM documentaries? Below we have compiled the best 13 EDM documentaries and videos for you. Did we miss one? Let us know! If you find this page interesting or useful please share this with a friend or friends […]

Iconic Trance Producer/DJ Robert Miles Dies At 47

Today is a very sad day for the electronic dance music news and community, as the iconic trance producer Robert Miles has dies at age 47. Best known for his No 1 hit Children, which we just covered in last weeks Throwback Thursday EDM, the artist has died in Ibiza, Spain, after a short illness. […]